EASTS-IRG02                                                    Japanese
International, Inter-regional, and City Logistics Research Group
             in Wide Variety of Asian Region
 (T-LOG Group)
For Better Logistics and Transportation in Eastern Asia

Our Mission

- Sharing information and analyzing in cooperation on current problems in logistics field in Eastern Asia, and
- Proposing the solutions and/or policy recommendations on these problems together as needed. 


Purpose and Mission
Bulletin Board for EASTS IRG02 

Past Events

The 3rd International Conference on Transportation and Logistics(T-LOG 2010)

Changing Asian Transport and Logistics - towards to ‘Seamless Asia’ in Japanese

Considering “Seamless Asia” on International Transport from a Viewpoint of Infrastructure Planning in Japan

39th Conference of Infrastructure Planning(13-14 June 2009 Tokushima, Japan)

2nd T-LOG Seminar (24-25 October 2008 Tokoname, Japan)

Program Report

2nd WS on statistics of Asian Traffic and Transportation
(23 October 2008 Tokoname, Japan)

Workshop on statistics of Asian traffic and transportation
(10-11 March 2008 Tokyo, Japan)

2nd TLOG Conference (4-6 July 2007 Shenzhen, China)

1st TLOG/EASTS Logistics IRG Seminar
(13-15 September 2006 Shenzhen, China)
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