Purpose and Mission of IRG:

 Recently, the economy of each country/region in Eastern Asia has shown a rapid growth and much strengthened their interdependency each other, such as FTA (Free Trade Agreement) negotiation within these countries. Such economic development in each country increases the amount of freight movement under all of city, inter-regional, and international level, and raises the importance of logistics management in this area. We must share the experiences of problems occurred in each countryfs logistics scene and its solution each other, furthermore, as needed, do research and propose the solution of the logistics problems in city, inter-regional, and international level, in collaboration with each countryfs researchers.

In order to deal with these issues, wefre going to organize the international research group, called gInternational, Inter-regional, and City Logistics Research Group in Wide Variety of Asian Regionh in EASTS. The missions of the group are;
 - Sharing information and analyzing in cooperation on current problems in logistics field in Eastern Asia, and
- Proposing the solutions and/or policy recommendations on these problems together as needed. 

 Actual activity will be conducted under division of two research sub-groups, gInternational and Inter-Regional Logistics Grouph and gCity Logistics Grouph as shown in the right figure. Both sub-groups are organized with researchers from many countries/regions.

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