Globalization of world economy enhances strong ties of international logistics and supply chain network in eastern Asia, while locality of logistics market further varies in each country/region on the other hand. The logistics research group had organized “International, Inter-regional, and City Logistics Research Group in Wide Variety of Asian Region” (IRG-02-2005; representative: Prof. Fwa, National University of Singapore) and “Logistics in Asia: Interdependent Supply Chain and Advancement of Intelligent Management” (IRG-17-2011; representative: Prof. Hyodo, Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology) until now and had actively promoted various logistics researches in Eastern Asia for more than ten years. During activity periods, the group organized an international conference on transport and logistics (TLOG) every two years and a special session in each EASTS conference. The group also established the OCDI Takeuchi Yoshio Special Award for Logistics Research (or OCDI Takeuchi Yoshio Logistics Award) in 2014 to commemorate the contribution of late Dr. Yoshio Takeuchi to the logistics field, and awarded one or more papers which are especially evaluated on the basis of their potential application to a practical field of logistics in each TLOG and EASTS conference every year since then. As well, a young researcher award has been also established and awarded in each TLOG conference, to promote the significant contribution of young researchers in this field.

The purpose and mission of the new IRG will follow them. Concretely, the mission of the new IRG is to organize an international conference (TLOG) every two years and a special session in each EASTS conference, in order to regularly provide a chance of presentations for, not only researches, but also practitioners in the logistics field in eastern Asia, and communicate each other. In particular, participations of young researchers and practitioners are encouraged by recruiting them for the member of IRG and TLOG network, as well as by promoting the young researcher award.